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Francois has vast experience in equipping Christian Counsellors and has been involved with different ministries internationally providing counselling to their staff and members. With more than a decade’s of experience, serving on staff at Wellspring Ministries, Piet Retief, South Africa, Francois has equipped countless people in ministering effectively to the emotionally wounded. As a board member of Transformation Prayer Ministries South Africa (TPM-SA), Francois has also been involved in the development and implementation of a simplified frame of reference that has been used very effectively in ministering to the emotionally wounded even in cross-cultural settings. From being the In-patient Program Coordinator at Mhondo Alathia Rehabilitation Center (MARC) to travelling throughout Africa and even as far as Indonesia Francois has a proven track record of high ethical standards and deep integrity.

Using simple yet highly effective Christian Principles in ministry Francois has established himself as a specialist in dealing with Anxiety Disorders, Mood Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders, Addictions, Eating Disorders, Sexual Orientation and Dysfunctions, Resolving Trauma, Bereavement, Personality Disorders, Dissociative Identity Disorders, Marital Discord and Strains, Adjustment Disorders and any area of mind renewal. For a number of years Francois has also been involved in Disciple Making Movements (DMM).

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Counselling Expertise

The following issues falls within the areas that Francois can assist with.



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