Depending on the client different approaches are integrated into a holistic approach in order to best address each individual or couple’s needs. As seen in the Biography Francois is skilled in different approaches but chooses to minister from a Christian Approach. Francois is a dedicated believer in Jesus Christ and is convinced that Jesus is the only solution to aspects like guilt and spiritual and mind transformation. Here is a quick overview of the Principles

Even though Francois ministers from a purely Christian perspective he has no hesitation in ministering to any person from any faith as long as they agree and are willing to face their pain or look at the reasons why they are hesitant to face the pain. Psychological Defence Mechanisms rest on beliefs and Francois is convinced that Jesus Christ is more than willing to address these beliefs (regardless of whether the person beliefs in Christ) There is no pressure placed on any person to convert and every aspect of the ministry will only be done with the client’s permission and consent. If the client is willing then a three way conversation takes place between Francois, Jesus and the client.

DISCLAIMER: This approach is highly spiritual in nature and the clients beliefs concerning religion and spirituality might be deeply challenged after experiencing the love of Christ during a session.

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