Bereavement, Grief, Loss and Separation

The Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology & Counselling (second edition) describe grief as “The cognitive and emotional process of working through significant loss. The removal of anyone or anything that has emotional value to an individual will precipitate a grief reaction. Grieving is to the emotional system following a loss what healing is to the physical system after surgery. Just as an operation traumatizes the body, a loss jolts the emotional system, producing disruption and upheaval. While grieving is painful, it is to be viewed as a healthy response, for without it a complete emotional recovery is not possible. The most salient symptom of grief is acute psychological pain. Emotional turmoil; wide fluctuations in mood; and feelings of hurt, guilt, depression, helplessness, anger, sadness, love rage, loneliness, resentment, and hopelessness are commonly reported.”
People generally pass through several stages in the grieving process but very often the normal grieving process turns abnormal as people for various reasons get stuck in different stages. It is here where a Skype session can proof to be of great support and help. People’s normal grieving processes often breaks down due to an inability to accept the loss or resolve the anger or regret associated with the loss. Very often previous unresolved losses or emotional difficulties may cause the normal grieving process to be halted. Having these previous losses or emotional difficulties resolved through a Skype session or two can very often put the normal grieving process back on track.


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