“Major Depression, also called unipolar depression, is identified by sad, empty, or hopeless feelings; slowed physical and cognitive behaviour, including cognitive disorientation; changes in weight, appetite, and sleeping patterns; diminished interest or pleasure in activities and time spent with friends; and occasional to frequent thoughts of death and suicide. The presence of several of these symptoms for a period exceeding two weeks and a marked change from previous functioning are sufficient criteria for a diagnosis of a major depressive episode.” Baker Encyclopedia of Psychology & Counselling (second edition)

As mentioned in the general comments, the medium of Skype-counselling has some advantages and disadvantages and careful consideration should be given if this is the best medium to address severe disorders. Common sense is advised where a person has been clearly diagnosed with medical conditions and is in need of Psychiatric and other Medical support. Medical Protocol structures should first be secured to ensure a person’s safety with the Skype interview(s) forming a supportive role in resolving the underlying need for mind renewal. Psychiatrists and psychologists has been debating for decades if the biological conditions are producing mood changes and negative thought patterns or whether it is due to negative thought patters and thinking that we develop chemical imbalances and disorders of thought. Being pragmatic in his approach Francois is convinced that if the chemical imbalances were caused by thought patterns that were laid down then once these patterns have been resolved, through the Skype interview, then many of the disorders like depression and obsessive behaviour and addictions will clear. Clients are advised however to always consult their medical practitioners before they change or stop their medication since they can suffer severe consequences if certain medications (like most anti-depressants) are not weaned off correctly.

The good news is that many people suffering from severe depression has been helped through the ministry approach that Francois uses. Beliefs learned during periods of trauma or perceived trauma that produces feelings of helplessness and hopelessness can often be the main reason or contributing factors for the depression experienced. Once these beliefs have been resolved through a Skype session or sessions the depression will start to dissipate. Many theories has been postulated to explain depression from, Psychodynamic, behavioural, cognitive, systemic (family) and biological theories. However, in most cases the person suffering from depression will benefit from the Skype Session(s) with Francois since many of the negative beliefs learned throughout life will either have caused or contribute to the person’s difficulty in managing the depression. In some cases even just resolving anger turned inwards can lead to better management of the depression or in many cases completely resolving the depression.


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