Relationship issues

Marital strain, divorce, abuse, neglect

Words cannot begin to describe the amount of difficulties we face due to a breakdown in our relationships with God, others and self. Many have faced abuse of different kinds, from sexual abuse like molestation and rape to physical, emotional and even spiritual abuse. Although many of the physical scars might have healed many people still struggle with the emotional load and perceptions that was formed during these difficulties in relationship. Some need guidance who are still trapped in unhealthy relationships and lack the necessary assertiveness skills to change their situations while others need assistance in resolving the beliefs that was formed deep inside themselves, keeping them in bondage to lies, like “I am filthy”, “I am stupid”, “my best will never be good enough”, “I am just good enough for abuse and will never be loved.”, “I will always end up alone and abandoned” and a myriad other conclusions that resulted from logical (yet false) conclusions learned in a painful context (memory).
Very often healthy relationships break down due to the fact that the significant other taps into our own pain and beliefs. When we are communicating from pain we tend to lash out of withdraw leading to more conflict in the relationship. Without resolving the deeper beliefs spouses often end a cycle of conflict, often not even sure about “what they are arguing about”. People who are closely connected to us will inevitably become the major “triggers” in our lives as they touch the areas of our lives that are still in need of renewal. By relabelling the current challenges as an opportunity to resolve my own need of mind renewal can greatly contribute to a person’s own wellbeing and often an improved relationship as well. Countless people have been able through the ministry offered to transition from a victim-mentality to being victorious through sessions that enabled them to find resolution for the (often childhood) beliefs learned during some trauma in relationships that has significantly impacted the “script” of their lives and now play itself out in all their current relationships. The good news is that there is freedom available for you no matter what your circumstances might be.
Certainly not every marriage and relationship will be “saved”. However, every person who receives mind-renewal through the Skype sessions will be empowered to do what needs to be done in order to live more whole and healthy in their current relationships. Very often this personal transformation necessitates change in the significant others, and through repentance and reconciliation many relationships have not only been “saved” from the brink of disaster but people are flourishing in new found intimacy and trust of others.


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